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About Osiri University

Osiri University is a solutions-driven institution where ideas are born and dreams realized. We invite anyone who dares to be different, learners who are seeking an unconventional learning experience, and leaders who are eager to deliver sustainable solutions for their stakeholders and communities, to join us.
We are bold and innovative in our approach. We are committed to training leaders in all spheres of life. Learning at Osiri University is based on the African system of 3 C's: cooperation, compassion, and co-prosperity, captured in the spirit of Ubuntu. Osiri University's primary focus is on developing a learner's talents, including her/his critical thinking skills, rather than on granting degrees. Learners concentrate on developing their core values and on mastering the knowledge they need to make a difference. Osiri University is a place where people are innovating a better future together.
Built to empower, at Osiri University, leaders are challenged to be self-aware, open in their thinking, inclusive in their actions, and values-driven, which helps them acquire the necessary knowledge required to contribute to the sustainable advancement of their community.
We also believe that a person who lacks a positive self-image may be easily swayed by the whims and caprices of society. Therefore, it is important to develop confident leaders with a positive sense of identity. At Osiri University, leaders uncover their strengths and leverage their knowledge and that of others to create a better future for themselves and their community.
Osiri University has an office in the United States and is registered as a learning center in Cote d’Ivoire.
We welcome donors to support our mission to close the education gap using our unconventional approach.

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We offer over 100 courses, 20-plus fields, and nearly 40 certificates to help you meet your goals.

The Osiri Advantage

Why choose Osiri University
Our innovative approach is a hybrid model that combines face-to-face with the online format by integrating:
Individualized learning
Flexible online course offerings
Small-group interactive sessions
Experiential learning

What people are saying

  • I see Osiri University as the ‘town-crier’ that blows the wake-up call Africans need to develop themselves and the continent using our own unique methods and principles that would result in us becoming a people that are self-sufficient.
    Chioma Bedford-Fubara
  • Osiri University is here to make a strong African statement and reenact Africa’s rich cultural heritage, thus giving many the courage to be proudly African!
    N. Saturday
  • A flock of sheep led by a Lion will defeat a pack of Lions led by a Sheep. Leadership is important. OU is the leadership that will bring the change we want.
    Chika Nwankwo
  • Thanks a lot for your kindness to humanity in general and love for education.
    I'm inspired just visiting the site.
    Michael Dodoh
  • You do an amazing work! It's a great initiative and very much needed in today's society.
  • Osiri University is the door of opportunity that many will walk through to fulfill impactful, prosperous lives. Osiri University operates with a spirit of excellence and provides an unfiltered, factual world class education where everyone excels.
    Dr. Arriel Wicks
  • I have seen the site and it is a welcomed development. Osiri University will be the envy of other universities. I can imagine the University turning average people, those who lack opportunities, as well as those living on the margins of society into stars.
    Dr. Deborah P.
  • When I think about Osiri University, I feel and see myself aligning with compassionate and serious-minded Africans who are proud of their roots and are willing to share their knowledge to enlighten other Africans.
    Xavier Essien
  • This is a very impressive and highly commendable innovation I must say.
    Olaitan Owoyemi
  • I am so looking forward to taking my courses at Osiri University.
    Engr. C. Ugwu
  • I am learning a lot from Osiri University's YouTube channel. I have subscribed.
    Dr. Mahlet Alemayehu

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We invite teachers and people with assorted expertise to share their knowledge face-to-face and online with those near them and around the world.

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Education is the process of acquiring enlightening and transformative experiences. Most valuable experiences which positively transform our lives forever are results of our interactions with others.

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I look forward to having my children attend Osiri University when they grow up. I want them to learn their culture while studying medicine, engineering or business. My wife is also loving the weekly Ubuntu Global Dialogue. I really enjoyed the last speaker. Keep up the great work. ” 
- Chuks O.

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