The Osiri Advantage is a Plus for Learners.

About Osiri University

A Fusion of Worlds

Osiri University is a private university headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Osiri University envisions a curriculum that combines the African philosophy of Ubuntu (a united spirit in creating a better world) and a Western educational framework.

Our Educational Philosophy: Ubuntu

At Osiri University, we believe we have a shared responsibility to create the life we desire while making our society more harmonious by leveraging our talents and working together. Learners discover their potential, connect with a supportive group of active learners, and jointly begin a journey in pursuit of their calling. Although learning at Osiri University is based on community, cooperation, and co-prosperity, which are values that are captured in the spirit of Ubuntu, we still encourage healthy competition amongst students. 

Our Mission: Ubuntu

Osiri University’s mission is to deliver quality global education (with a local feel) at a sufficient scale to create a better world within the context of Ubuntu. We coach learners to their strengths as they concentrate on developing their core values and mastering the knowledge they need to make a difference. We challenge learners to use their history and culture to solve the problems in their local communities.

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The Osiri Advantage

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The Osiri Advantage Is a Plus for Learners

Personal growth
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Solving community problems

What people are saying

  • Thanks a lot for your kindness to humanity in general and love for education.
    I'm inspired just visiting the site.
    Michael Dodoh
  • You do an amazing work! It's a great initiative and very much needed in today's society.
  • Osiri University is the door of opportunity that many will walk through to fulfill impactful, prosperous lives. Osiri University operates with a spirit of excellence and provides an unfiltered, factual world class education where everyone excels.
    Dr. Arriel Wicks

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Education is the process of acquiring enlightening and transformative experiences. Most valuable experiences which positively transform our lives forever are results of our interactions with others. Apply and start learning to change your world.

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I look forward to having my children attend Osiri University when they grow up. I want them to learn their culture while studying medicine, engineering or business. My wife is also loving the weekly Ubuntu Global Dialogue. I really enjoyed the last speaker. Keep up the great work. ” 
- Chuks O.

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