Our students engineer for impact. We are creating a culture of excellence where learners and teachers approach engineering from the community’s perspective and students are challenged to think creatively, innovatively, and broadly.
Our broad-based curriculum allows students to learn history, arts, and language, to design models that are culturally appropriate and relevant. Therefore, our graduates are not only technically sound in engineering, mathematics, and science, our teachers help them to connect their classroom experiences first to their immediate environment and then to the wider world.


1Certificate in Contemporary Issues and Innovation*
*Designed for both beginners and experienced professionals
1Certificate in Engineering Electrical and Power Systems*
1Certificate in Product Design*
1Certificate in Process Engineering for Practitioners*
*Previous training or experience in engineering or technology is a prerequisite
1Certificate in Agricultural Mechanization*
*Courses are designed to be applied to agriculture. Previous training or experience in engineering or agriculture is a prerequisite.


1Level 1 Mastery in Agricultural Mechanization*
Discovery (Suggested Year 1)
  • Patterns of Genius and Life’s Purpose
  • Serving Others through Innovation
  • Algebra
  • The Beauty and Wonders of Life
  • Principles of Fabrication and Agricultural Mechanization
  • Trigonometry
  • Wonders of the Physical World and How Things Work
  • Composition and Rhetoric or Creative Writing and Story Telling
  • Discovering Nature and Its Composition
  • Individuals and Wealth
  Journey (Suggested Year 2)
  • Special Topics in Soil Science
  • Advances in Agriculture
  • Engineering/Computer Graphics and Machine Design
  • Research Statistical Methods
  • Machinery Management
  • Calculations for Mechanized Agriculture
  • Principles and Practices of Organic Agriculture
  • We are Africans: The History and Cosmology of Humanity
  • Places on Earth
  Mastery (Suggested Year 3)*
  • Environmental Reclamation (HEAI)
  • Electrical Systems (Engr. Nduruchukwu Okoro)
  • Water, Water Quality and Analysis (HEAI)
  • Environmental Soil Science (HEAI)
  • Society and Wealth (Macroeconomics) (Ms. Ochor)
  • Irrigation System Designs
  • Mobile and Wireless Power
  • African Language (Translating subjects and projects)
  • Public Speaking
  • Start Something
  • Plant Protection
*Consider starting year-long internship as well
Leap (Suggested Year 4)
  • Environmental Control in Animal Structures
  • Mechanical and Hydraulics Systems
  • Applied Geographic Information Systems
  • Crop Physiology and Production
  • Animal Science
  • Principles of Irrigation and Drainage
  • Food Processing and Packaging Techniques
  • Special Topics in Environmental Sciences or Forestry and Environmental Management or Natural Resources Mngt
  • Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management
*High or secondary school education is a prerequisite



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