A Fusion of Worlds

Osiri University is a private university headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Osiri University envisions a curriculum that combines the African philosophy of Ubuntu (a united spirit in creating a better world) and a Western educational framework.

Our Educational Philosophy: Ubuntu

At Osiri University, we believe we have a shared responsibility to create the life we desire while making our society more harmonious by leveraging our talents and working together. Learners discover their potential, connect with a supportive group of active learners, and jointly begin a journey in pursuit of their calling. Although learning at Osiri University is based on community, cooperation, and co-prosperity, which are values that are captured in the spirit of Ubuntu, we still encourage healthy competition amongst students. 

Our Mission: Ubuntu

Osiri University’s mission is to deliver quality global education (with a local feel) at a sufficient scale to create a better world within the context of Ubuntu. We coach learners to their strengths as they concentrate on developing their core values and mastering the knowledge they need to make a difference. We challenge learners to use their history and culture to solve the problems in their local communities.

The Osiri Advantage Is a Plus for Learners

P: Personal growth

L: Learn at your own pace

U: Ubuntu

S: Solving community problems