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Week 2
We cover Python Programming Language, General Concepts of Programming, and Setting Up Python Environment on PC with Anaconda.
Dear Python Programming Students, I hope this message finds you well. Throughout this course, I've refrained from assigning exams to encourage a focus on learning. However, completing the attached final exam (See details below) is crucial for me to gauge your understanding. Your success in this course will depend on your performance on the final exam. For those with conditional admission, success in this programming course is imperative to proceed with our Data Science and Information Systems program. Additionally, evaluations are essential for records and to demonstrate the course's utility. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. When you complete the exam below, have a peer review it, and go through the normal peer review process see the step below: • Step 1: Complete your work by 12noon Monday, January 29, 2024 • Step 2: Reach out to any peer privately and make sure they have completed their work. No changes to the work are permitted after Step 2. • Step 3: If you two decide to review each other’s assignments, swap your work AT THE SAME TIME. • Step 4: Review your peer’s work and grade it out of 100%. • Step 5: Share your feedback and discuss the grades and solutions. • Step 6: After reviewing, complete the form here Peer Review Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19laf9SG51OEExW7bUdXbrBkaDUCuo7tIvfi7HQfnxuY/edit?ts=65ae654d After your peer review is complete you must also upload a PDF copy here Exam Upload https://forms.gle/gjHuBBuHvn9LJpdZ9 for my reference in case there is a dispute about assigned grades.Final Exam Details The exam covers most topics we have covered over the two-week session including some questions on data analysis. notebook and the sample dataset can be found here Exam Materials https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tDWQNfhqfivfvZKZlnaoC5xe73Ca0ATO?usp=sharing 2) Complete your exam by 12 noon CT, Monday, January 29, 2024. Complete your peer evaluation and complete the peer evaluation link by 4 pm CT on Monday. Upload your PDF (Not the one you reviewed) via the form provided immediately after you finish your peer evaluation. Make sure your full name (in First and last name order) is on your submitted PDF. Best regards, Dr. Salakpi
Python Programming Language
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Example Notebooks:
The example notebook for week 2 session 1 can be found here:
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YxHiGK6atONKO4ksRsSNovbToEQINGa_?usp=sharing, The pdf file of today’s live code session named “introduction_to_python_week1_session3_live_code.pdf” can also found in the same place.

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