• 1st Prize $1000 (Best Overall)
  • 2nd Prize $500 (Most Innovative)


This competition aims to prepare Africans for new opportunities in the ever-changing digital era. Additionally, the competition seeks to generate African-inspired course content in all fields to solve Africa's problems. Selection of winners will be a blind process conducted by an independent panel. Those who do not win will be eligible to offer and teach courses at Osiri University after further vetting.


We welcome teachers with advanced degrees (e.g. MS or PhD) as well as professionals with or without advanced degrees who are experts in their fields to enter the competition. Africans from the continent and in diaspora are eligible. Relatives of the organizers are not eligible. Winners will be announced on or before August 15, 2020, depending on the number of entries.


  • Completeness and thoroughness of course – 20 points
  • Potential for course to help students master the field - 20 points
  • Innovativeness of assignments and student engagement – 20 points
  • Potential to inspire confidence and impart indigenous knowledge – 20 points
  • Relevance of issues and ability to co-generate solutions with students – 20 points


Step 1
Register on or before June 12 (8 PM US CST) by creating an account under Teach For Afrika
Step 2
Attend three workshops on June 13, 20, and 27 (10 AM US CST).
Step 3
Submit a complete course packet by July 15 (8 PM US CST)
Step 4
Take 2-3 days to upload the course online (72 hours after Step 3).


Multiple instructors may design one course together and split the prize if they win. Collaboration is encouraged. Judging will be blind. Therefore, the names of the competitors (instructors) will be removed from the course so that judges would only focus on evaluating the quality of course content and design.
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