At Osiri University, we put into action the African saying that “it takes a village to raise a child.” That is why we are a community-based institution in the African sense. This means that we enlist Africans to join various villages (schools) to impart knowledge and make a difference in each student. In villages, there are natural teachers (i.e., parents, family, and members of the village) and skill-based teachers (those who possess special knowledge or talent, such engineering or iron-working). We view our instructors as both natural teachers (teaching ethics and philosophy) and skill-based teachers (teaching practical skills). Therefore, learners must walk away from each course as better humans and with useful, practical knowledge. At Osiri, teachers are Malamai. Did you know that the word for teacher in an African language is ‘Malami’ for male, 'Malama' for female, and 'Malamai' in the plural form?
We invite people with assorted expertise to share their knowledge online and face-to-face with those near them and around the world.

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