The Humanities Mululongo provides the space for students to learn human history, languages and literature, music, and arts, and to apply them to their situation. As students investigate cultures, societies and institutions, they are reminded of our common ancestry, which makes everyone African in the truest sense.
Students learn about African traditions and contributions to the world, including the fact that humanity and civilization began in Africa. Students learn about the African philosophy of Ubuntu as the best guiding principle for life and the concept that holds the promise to heal the world of crimes, hatred, racism and wars.


1Certificate in English Language*
1Certificate in Igbo Language*
1Certificate in Virtual Arts*


African languages are taught at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels by teachers who are native speakers. The goal is not just to master the language and reach fluency; emphasis is also placed on decoding hidden messages within our ancient African languages, especially at the advanced levels. For example, many, including modern-day Igbos who may have forgotten or paid little attention, do not know that the Igbo word for family (“ezinulo”) literally translates to “outside and inside” (or compound and house). This suggests that the family unit for the Igbos, like many other African societies, goes beyond the nuclear family. A proper study of African languages can reveal nuances and unique aspects of the culture and institutions of society.
Each language lukobe (course) is three months.



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