Administrative Fees at Osiri University (Current and Projected)

Secure an approved American degree at an exceptional value. Pay only an administrative fee with no additional or hidden charges. Complete your master’s degree within 12 months from when you start. 

Administrative fee is a one-time payment that is charged annually. In 2023, it was $150 collected as an application fee.

2024 (Current)USA/Europe$249
Ethiopia20,000 ETB
Ghana3,000 Cedi
South Africa5,000 SAR
NigeriaNGN 250,000
2025 (Projected)USA/Europe$349
Ethiopia28,000 ETB
Ghana4,000 Cedi
South Africa6,500 SAR
NigeriaNGN 350,000
2026 (Projected)USA/Europe$499
Ethiopia40,000 ETB
Ghana5,500 Cedi
South Africa8,000 SAR
NigeriaNGN 500,000