Heroes Education Fund Form

About the Fund

Education First Fund (EFF), in collaboration with Osiri University, proudly presents the Heroes of Education Financial Assistantship (HEFA) for the 2024-2025 academic year. This global fund offers at least $100 awards to students dedicated to tackling food insecurity in their communities by pursuing relevant education. Each year, EFF honors individuals and organizations with the Heroes of Education designation for their remarkable contributions to advancing education. It is in recognition to these people that EFF offers these awards.



The EFF has been empowering talented and driven individuals through scholarships, enabling them to deepen their knowledge and make a significant impact within their communities and organizations. In partnership with Osiri University in Nebraska, USA, EFF is assisting qualified applicants who aspire to pursue an MSc in Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture (FSSA). Since Osiri University offers tuition-free programs, selected candidates will receive support for their application or annual administrative fees.


Application Process

To apply for this fund, complete the application form below by July 20, 2024. Selected students will begin their classes in August 2024. The total non-refundable annual fee this year is $249, which covers a student’s education for 12 months from the date of admission. Successful applicants who receive a $100 financial assistantship would be responsible to pay the balance of $149.


Award Processing

Recipients will receive an official award letter via email within two to three weeks after the deadline. If you do not receive an award letter by August 15, 2024, we encourage you to apply again next year. For any inquiries, please contact eff@osiriuniversity.org.