Only Afrikans can solve Afrika’s problems, and the solutions must be indigenous. Umuganda is an African practice of self-help in which members of a village (mulukongo), in the spirit of cooperation, come together to tackle a challenging task. It is such a powerful concept that Rwanda dubbed their Governance Board Umuganda
The beauty of Umuganda is that everyone contributes little but combining all the efforts makes an enormous impact on the community. Instead of complaining about Africa's problems, the political leadership, and the plight of Africans around the world, let us do something about the situation.
At Osiri, Umuganda is a group of talented people who are willing to play a role, no matter how small, to advance Afrika. Afrikans do not have to wait until they reach retirement age to start giving back. Now is the time to start giving back! Osiri University invites Afrikans (i.e., Africans, African Americans, and Africans in the Diaspora) to participate in Umuganda.Members of Umuganda will do any of these two things:
  • Advise an innovation village by mentoring malamai(instructors) and omsomis(students)
  • Donate to sponsor omsomi (student)