Final Exam

Exam Week – Module 6: Continuous Assessment and Final Examination (GIS-101-M9)


 Add the point layer

  • Add in the point layer.
  • Label the points according to a unique attribute, such as place names. Use a small font and keep the labels inconspicuous. The information should be available, but shouldn’t be a main feature of the map.
  • Classify the points themselves into different colors based on a category. For example, categories could include “tourist destination”, “police station”, and “town center”.
  • Classify the point size by importance: the more significant a feature, the larger its point. However, don’t exceed the point size of 2.00

Add the line layer

  • Add the road layer and then change its symbology. Don’t label the roads.
  • Change the road symbology to light color with a broad line. Make it somewhat transparent as well.
  • Create a symbol with multiple symbol layers. The resulting symbol should look like a real road. You can use a simple symbol for this; for example, a black line with a thin white solid line running down the center. It can be more elaborate as well, but the resulting map should not look too busy.

Add the polygon layer

  • Add the land use layer and change its symbology
  • Classify the layer according to land use. Use solid colors. Where appropriate, incorporate symbol layers, different symbol types, etc. Keep the results looking subdued and uniform, however. Keep in mind that this will be part of a backdrop!

Finalize the base map

  • Using the resources above, create a base map using some or all of the layers. This map should include all the basic information needed to orient the user, as well as being visually unified / “simple”.

Final map

  • Use the Print Layout to create a final map, which incorporates your analysis results.
  • Include this map in a document along with your documented criteria. If the map has become too visually busy due to the added layer(s), deselect the layers which you feel are the least necessary.
  • Your map must include a title and a legend.

Note: Complete the Assessment on a word document which should contain also screengrabs of the created map from the exercise). Save the file named “module9_Assessment_first name” into the “Module Exercise “folder and send a copy to the instructor’s shared email.

The final examination will be structured to have an Objective question session and a Practical session

Interactive forum/channel for student and instructor outside class hours:
WhatsApp platform and Zoom meetings will be the major interactive forums for additional deliberations.

Contact for technical/general support
Name: BAMIDELE Christopher Oluwasesan
Kindly reach me on WhatsApp: +2347060674776

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