Indigenous African Curriculum

Knowledge is widely believed to be power. The culmination of knowing, of determining what is true has been the essence of education around the world and through history. But because of colonialism and imperialist structures, certain prisms of knowing and knowledge frameworks have been suppressed and, in some cases, rendered non-existent. Sadly, this is the situation with Africa and her people.
Osiri University is founded on the basic premise that that to adequately cater to the needs of her people whether on the continent or in diaspora, the effective education for Africans should be ones that originate from the people itself, their ancestral knowledge base, and systems free from any colonial influence since the current curricula are hermeneutically flawed.
Using ideas obtained from intellectual movements stretching from the Pan African movement to Claude Ake’s famous argument that “sustainable development is never going to occur unless we build on the indigenous,” we aim to create an education whose hermeneutic base is authentically African.

Lukobe: Course Containing A Decolonized Indigenous Content

The Kôngo people say, “mâmba ma kânda” ("information that belongs to the community"), suggesting that knowledge must be used to advance the community. The lukobe lwa kânda (community's lukobe) is a container passed down from one generation to another. We conceptualize and model each course like the lukobe whose content represents indigenous knowledge and must be used to the benefit of the community.



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