Introducing the Class of 2024

Embarking on a transformative journey, the Class of 2024 comprises a dynamic group of global professionals spanning the rich tapestry of various countries, from South Africa to Ethiopia to the United Kingdom. This formidable cohort is a testament to diversity, uniting recent graduates in cutting-edge fields like computer science with seasoned industry stalwarts boasting decades of experience. United by an unyielding passion for knowledge, they converge at Osiri University with aspirations ranging from mastering Sustainable Business Leadership through an MBA and delving into the complexities of Data and Information Systems through a Master of Science. Now, meet a select few from this powerhouse class and discover why they have chosen Osiri as the epicenter of their educational pursuit.

Judith Ofoedu

Judith Ofoedu
"I am thrilled to be here. My aspiration is to become a college professor. With a bachelor's in biotechnology, I'm now enrolled in the Master of Science in Data and Information Systems at Osiri University. Our conversations have been inspiring, and I appreciate the community, the love, and the Ubuntu philosophy. Osiri's passion for education and fostering development resonate with me. Osiri is a vibrant collection of rich cultures and diverse peoples."

Dr. Harish Nair

Harish Nair
"With two decades of experience in education management, I seek a mentor dedicated to teaching management to executives at my level. I recently completed an executive leadership program at Oxford and learned the importance of getting a formal training in business. I'm eager to learn from individuals with comprehensive knowledge in both education and industry. The Ubuntu philosophy, which has expressions in India, will broaden my perspective, enhance my business practices, enable greater contributions to society, and foster ethical, sustainable leadership in my endeavors."

Michael Mcveigh

"I am an international sales and social media representative for a midwestern company. I chose Osiri University to pursue my MSc in Data and Information Systems because of the experience and sophistication of the professors who embody the Ubuntu philosophy of creating a better world. This is a philosophy I hold close to my heart, and I truly believe that with open-minded collaboration, humanity can achieve great things. The world is headed into a new technological revolution. With the development of AI and easy access to the internet, there is no telling where we will go. Data and information systems would help some stay at the forefront of technology while learning about the ethical implications of this new future, ensuring that I receive a holistic view of the new technological revolution we are entering"

Aimuamwosa Lancelot Imasuen

"I am currently practicing accounting in the UK, and was seeking an online MBA program when I discovered Osiri's program in sustainable business leadership - an area that deeply interests me. I applied without certainty, and was thrilled to be offered admission. I want to express my gratitude for this opportunity, recognizing the substantial cost of education and not taking such an offer for granted."

Tope Balogun

Tope Balogun X1
"I am an ICT enthusiast with a Masters Degree in Educational Technology. The chance to pursue Data and Information Systems tuition free, excluding the application fee, was too good to pass up. I am eager to embrace the program structure and live my dream of delving deeper into the ICT Academic World. The significance of Osiri University and its Ubuntu philosophy, offering advanced degree education at no financial cost, cannot be overstated. Here's to the enduring success of Osiri University! (Tope Balogun, 2023 Lagos State Governor Candidate)"

Marisa Dawson

Marisa Dawson
"My name is Marisa Dawson and I chose Osiri University's MBA program for several reasons. Being a mom of two little ones and juggling a career makes it hard to find a great fit for continuing education. When I learned this program was designed with things in mind like juggling a busy schedule (whether it be work or kids), it sounded like a great fit! Another thing that led me to pursue this opportunity was being a former student of Dr. Osiri. He is such a wonderful and talented professor, so I know that any program he backs and puts together will be worthwhile."

Dr. Veronica Gabriel Chizoba

Dr. Veronica Gabriel
"As a development worker and lecturer, I commend Osiri University for pioneering the innovation concept of providing tuition-free education."

Dr. Teklit Amare

Dr. Teklit Amare
"I have a doctorate in Science Education and was drawn to Osiri's Ubuntu motto, which reflects my own life experiences. Over the past decade, despite being Eritrean, I have regularly immersed myself in Nigerian movies and identified with a sense of unity and connection to various African cultures—I see in myself a Nigerian, a Swazi, a Zimbabwean, and the essence of diverse peoples."

Chidi Patrick Agwu

Chidi Patrick Agwu
"I am very excited to embrace this opportunity. Initially, the free tuition model surprised me, considering the high cost of education in the US. Additionally, the concept of Ubuntu at Osiri resonates with me. Beyond the ongoing educational impact, Osiri University is poised for a significant economic influence, given the enhanced resourcefulness and productivity associated with education. Confirming its authenticity, I eagerly seized this chance without hesitation."

Mindahun Mitiku

Mindahun Mitiku
"I am excited about the chance to pursue my master's degree from an Osiri University, USA. Securing scholarships can be challenging for Africans, but Osiri University accepted me with a full tuition waiver. I am a law school graduate and am looking forward to expanding my horizon and network through Osiri University. I love you all."

It's Official

World’s First University Based on Ubuntu Philosophy

Celebrate the first University inspired by Ubuntu philosophy for receiving authorization to operate in the State of Nebraska, USA.

On March 10th, 2023, the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education (CCPE) granted Osiri University authorization to operate.

Osiri University uses cutting-edge modern technology to empower learners so they can drive sustainable innovation in their communities.


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