Pre-Baccalaureate Certificate Programs (Not-for-credit)

  • Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) – Program aims to provide students and professionals with strategies and skills that will help them become resilient in the ever-changing global economic landscape. To earn the CRC, simply take BUSA 150 Career Development as a not-for-credit course.
  • English Language Certificate (ELC) - Applicants for Osiri degree programs who need to improve their English may enroll in the 8-week English Language Certificate program by taking HUMA 090 English Language (not-for-credit). 

Associate Degree Program

Associate of Science courses are numbered from 100 to 299

  • Associate of Science in Business Administration (A.S.B.A)

Baccalaureate Degree Program

B.B.A (Baccalaureate Degree Program courses are numbered from 100 to 499)

  • BBA in Business Intelligence
  • BBA in Agribusiness
  • BBA in Entertainment Business

Master’s Degree and Certificate Programs

(Graduate Program courses are numbered from 500 to 999)

Entertainment and Performance (M.A.)  

  • Possible certificates in (i) Performance Arts and (ii) Acting for Film and Media

Inclusive Education (M.A)

  • Possible certificates in (i) Advocacy, Inclusion, and Diversity in Education and (ii) Educating Children from Diverse Backgrounds

Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Business Leadership (M.B.A)

  • Possible certificates in (i) Business Strategy and (ii) Leading with Accounting and Finance

Data and Information Systems (M.S.)

  • Possible certificates in (i) Data Science and Cybersecurity and (ii) Big Data Application and Utilization

Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture (M.S.)

  • Possible certificates in (i) Food Product Development and (ii) Food Security and Sustainability

Master of Science in Smart Manufacturing (M.S.)

  • Possible certificates in (i) Sustainable Designing and Modeling and (ii) Sensors and Robotics

Doctoral Degrees (Ph.D.) Program

(Graduate Program courses are numbered from 500 to 999)

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Ph.D.)